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Critical Legal Thinking Case Assignment In Syntax

Critical Legal Thinking: Case Study 1In the matter of Sterling Inc. and NoBugs Corporation, we will have to consider several questions concerning litigation. I will include those questions, as well as any particular strategizing that would be beneficial. First, the likelihood of recovering the amount in monetary damages, versus the cost of litigation is certainly in favor of Sterling, Inc. The cost of litigating would come nowhere near the amount in damages that could be rewarded. Second, Sterling must consider whether or not NoBugs can satisfy the requirements of a judgment against them. I see no reason why they would not be able to fulfill the court’s decision. Also, what is the likelihood of NoBugs raising a counterclaim? One must consider the fact that the fault in the NoBugs’ microchips caused the dormant defects within Sterling’s computers to be exploited in such an extreme way. Had this dormant defect not existed, would the damages be upwards of the $20 million in question?

Critical Legal Thinking Cases: Negligence (Clancy v. Goad) Clancy had been negligent, as he fell asleep while driving, which resulted in an inevitable accident. The accident resulted in Diana’s leg amputation and she suffered from other  injuries as well. Diana’s medical costs amounted to $368,000 and a recurring cost to  replace her “C-Leg”. The amount of damages to be awarded to Diana should be $1.5  million and punitive damages of $700,000.  Strict Liability (Shoshone Coca-Cola Bottling Company v. Dolinski) The doctrine of strict liability does apply to the case, since there was a defect in  manufacturing of the bottle of Squirt. The Shoshone Coca-Cola Bottling Company, who  had manufactured the product owed a duty of responsibility to the consumer, Dolinski  and violated this duty. This negligence resulted in the degradation of his physical and  mental health. 

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