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John Lewis Childs School

In order to provide safe and orderly arrival and dismissal procedures, the following will be in effect:
All students that walk to school will enter the school from the playground. Students should enter the building through the doors on either side of the auditorium (Exits 8 and 10). There will be staff members monitoring these exits. The first bell rings at 8:10 a.m. and students may enter the building at this time. We ask that students who walk to school, time their arrival so as not to arrive before 8:10 a.m. They will not be considered late until 8:20 a.m. In order to avoid congestion, the main entrance should only be used if your child is attending an early morning activity or arriving at school after 8:20a.m.
As they enter the building, students in grades K-4 will be seated outside their classrooms with adult supervision. Students in grades 5-6 will assemble in the cafeteria with adult supervision. Once the bell rings, students in grades K-4 will enter their classrooms and students in grades 5-6 will walk to their classrooms to begin the day.
**Please note that all supervision will be provided inside the school building. There will be no supervision in the school yard; students should enter the building when they are dropped off and proceed to their classroom or the cafeteria**

Drop Off Procedures – Drop off will be on the east side of Flower Avenue where there will be a “Student Drop Off” sign. A staff member will stationed in this area assisting in the utilization of the STOP, DROP, and ROLL procedure. The staff member will guide students to walk to the corner of Flower and Elizabeth where the crossing guard will direct students across the street. There will be an additional staff member at the receiving corner to guide students into the school building at the corner exit (Exit 15). This protocol enables parents to quickly pull to the curb and allow the child to exit the car and then pull right back out. It will allow traffic in this area to move smoothly. Cars may not park in this area and children should have all their items on hand so that they may be able to quickly exit the car.
Please note:
Students arriving to school on the school bus will be greeted at the Flower Street entrance (Exit 15). They will then proceed to their classrooms

At dismissal, all bus students will assemble in the 1973 gym and be escorted to their buses by 2:45 p.m.
DISMISSAL DOORS are located in the schoolyard and are as follows: (The exit # is noted on the exit door)

  • #13 (near nurse’s office): 3Palermo, 2Olson, 2Olfano, Ms. Phannemiller,Mrs. Stegmeier, 5Pecorella
  • #11 (near Lost & Found): 1Ricciardi, 1Kline, 2Borg, 2Neligan, K Terranova
  • #10 (east side of auditorium): 5Hasbrouck, 5Auricchio, 5Dart, 6Dooley, 6DeBenedittis, 6Vaccaro, 6Palmer
  • #8 (west side of auditorium): 1Kowalski, 1 Krouse, 3Wells, 3Zullo, Mrs. Caccavo, Ms. Gargano, 3DiMeglio
  • Gymnasium (near playground): 4Zilinek, 4Foley, 4Cooper, 4Tyrrell
  • KNagle, KMancusi, KNotaro and our Pre-K classes will use the playground doors directly to their rooms.


  • Cars are NOT permitted to park on the school side of Elizabeth Street as this space is designated for the school buses. Please also note that this area is used for our Pre-Kindergarten arrival and dismissal.
  • Parking is difficult during arrival and dismissal times as well as during school events. Please make sure that you leave adequate time to arrive at school and be prepared that you may need to park a distance away from the school. Please do not park in the Bus lot or blocking our neighbors’ driveways. Please refrain from double parking as it hinders traffic flow and is dangerous to children crossing the street.
  • Children should cross at the intersections where crossing guards are located.

Children can only ride on the bus to which they are assigned. They must come to school and leave from school on their designated bus. A student assigned to one bus cannot decide to take another bus to be with his friend or to ride the bus because of inclement weather. Children must also remain on the bus line. It is necessary that you send a note to the office informing us that alternate arrangements are in place for the day if a child is not to ride the bus.

If you plan to pick up your child from school as part of your routine, please establish a pick up point with your child outside the school.
We also encourage all parents to keep their children in school until dismissal time which is at 2:45 p.m. We ask that your child be signed out early only for an emergency. When possible, doctor’s appointments should be made after school hours so that your child’s attendance in school is maximized.
If you are requesting an early dismissal, a note to the teacher from the parent or guardian is needed stating the reason. All children will be signed out from the main office. Parents must come to the main office to pick up the child.

If your child is to be absent from school, please call and let us know on the day of absence. In addition, please let us know why your child is absent. For your convenience, we have a separate line to the nurse’s office with an answering machine. The number is 434-2797. Please make a note of it.
If we do not receive a call from you by 8:45 a.m., you will receive a call from the school. When your child returns to school we must have a letter indicating the date of absence and the reason. This letter must be signed by the parent.
As you can imagine, the nurse’s telephone is busy from 7:15 to 8:30 a.m. receiving absence reports. We therefore request that you do not prolong the conversation by requesting homework, messages to the teacher, etc. If a child is to be absent for an extended period of time, please call the main office at 434-2780 before 10:30 a.m. to request homework, etc. Homework will not be sent home on the first day of absence.

In the interest of safety, we ask that parents do not call the office with messages for children. Since we cannot verify the caller, we do not accept telephone messages for students. This should be handled by a note to the teacher if the child is to do something which differs from his/her usual routine, such as walking home instead of riding the bus.

Children must wear helmets if they bring their bicycles to school. They will be allowed to keep their helmets in the classroom. It would be a good idea to put your child’s name inside the helmet. Bicycles must be parked in the racks on the east side of the playground. Students must walk their bicycles on the playground. Children should not be riding on skateboards or scooters in the playground during arrival and dismissal times.
Children should wear appropriate shoes to school each day. Sneakers are preferable and will enable children to play during recess. Flip-flops and strapless shoes are a safety hazard and should not be worn to school.

Classrooms are locked when the teachers leave at the end of the day. Children should remember to bring all necessary books and belongings home.


The Lost and Found is located in the area between rooms 107 & 109.
Please be sure your child’s name is on lunch boxes, notebooks, jackets, gym uniforms, etc. Due to the large amount of items left in the Lost and Found each year, items will be donated to charity organizations in the months of November, March, and June. Please be sure to have your child check it on a regular basis if he/she has lost any items.

The oldest child in each family will receive a school calendar and Parent Handbook. Please refer to them for important dates, contact information, district policies and procedures, and important school information. This information may also be obtained by visiting our web site at:
All of the above policies are established with the safety and best interest of the children in mind. With your cooperation, we can ensure that the school day will be orderly and safe for our children. Thank you.
Please check our website on a regular basis at www.floralpark.k12.ny.us.

Revised September, 2017


Tyra L. Williams


Ms. Williams began her career with the NYCDOE as an elementary school teacher in the Bronx. After teaching grades 1-3 for 5 years, she transitioned to become a middle school teacher of English Language Arts and Social-Studies. During her seven year tenure as a middle school teacher, Ms. Williams achieved academic success and took on the role of Grade Team Leader while pursuing a master's degree in school and district leadership. Shortly thereafter, she came an Assistant Principal both on the middle and high school levels. After 4 years, Ms. Williams was accepted into the New York City Leadership Academy's Aspiring Principals' Program. Most recently, she served as middle school principal in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Ms. Williams holds a BA from State University of New York at Albany, an MS in Elementary Education from Fordham University and an MS in Administration and Supervision from The College of New Rochelle.

Assistant Principal

Kurt Davidson


Mr. Davidson is the assistant principal at MetLCS, serving at Met since 2014. He began his career as a Teach for America special education teacher at The Arts and Technology Academy (ATA) Public Charter School in Washington, DC. In that time, he also served as a Seminar Instructor for TNTP, providing coaching and instruction for first year teachers working to gain certification. Mr. Davidson served as a Resident Principal at Pinewood Elementary in Charlotte, NC. Mr. Davidson has a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters of Special Education degree from George Mason University.

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