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Word Choice Lesson For Expository Essay

Tara Olivarria, a Nevada elementary teacher, originally shared the following innovative technique with us in the NNWP'sGoing Deep with 6 Trait Language Guide. If you have unique ideas about teaching nouns and pronouns while teaching writing, direct your ideas to: webmaster@writingfix.com. If we post your idea, you can earn a copy of any of the NNWP's Print Publications.

"Both Brian Cleary's I And You And Don't Forget Who: What Is a Pronoun? and Ruth Heller's Mine, All Mine! examine pronouns and the many forms they can take. One or both of these mentor texts should be shared before attempting this graphing activity. They do an excellent job of showing pronouns in their many forms.

"After creating a class list--inspired by both books--of the most commonly used pronouns, have your students highlight the pronouns they have used in a piece of writing they are currently working on. Have a partner look over their highlights, pointing out any words that the writer missed in their first look-over; students often miss their own pronouns when beginning this process, and an extra set of eyes helps them catch them all.

"Next, pass out a short sample of published writing (Xeroxed) by a favorite classroom author. It might help to find a piece of writing that is of a similar genre to what your students are working on; for example, if you're learning about and writing personal narratives, do this with a published personal narrative. Have students work together to highlight popular pronouns in the published piece of writing. Create a class graph that shows a published author's pronoun use.

"Then, have students create a similar graph for their own writing. I find that often my students use pronouns a lot more recklessly than published authors do. When we compare my students' personal graphs to the published author's, a lot of my students make that connection and vow to use fewer pronouns and more precise nouns when they revise.

"Have students discuss their graphs with each other before having several share their findings with the whole class."

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