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Essay About The World Wide Web

The History of the Internet and the World Wide Web Essay examples

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The History of the Internet and the WWW

1. The History of the World Wide Web-

     The internet started out as an information resource for the government so that they could talk to each other. They called it "The Industrucable
Network" because it was so many computers linked to gether that if one server went down, no-one would know. This report will mainly focus on the history of the World Wide Web (WWW) because it is the fastest growing resource on the internet. The internet consists of diferent protocals such as WWW, Gopher (Like the WWW but text based), FTP (File Transfer Protocal), and Telnet (Allows you to connect to different BBS's). There are many more smaller one's but they are inumerable. A…show more content…

     From 1981 until 1984, Tim was a founding Director of Image Computer
Systems Ltd, with technical design responsibility. In 1984, he took up a fellowship at CERN, to work on distributed real-time systems for scientific data acquisition and system control.

     In 1989, he proposed a global hypertext project, to be known as the
World Wide Web. Based on the earlier "Enquire" work, it was designed to allow people to work together by combining their knowledge in a web of hypertext documents. He wrote the first World Wide Web server and the first client, a wysiwyg hypertext browser/editor which ran in the NeXTStep environment. This work was started in October 1990, and the program "WorldWideWeb" first made available within CERN in December, and on the Internet at large in the summer of

     Through 1991 and 1993, Tim continued working on the design of the Web, coordinating feedback from users across the Internet. His initial specifications of URIs, HTTP and HTML were refined and discussed in larger circles as the Web technology spread.

     In 1994, Tim joined the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS)at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). as Director of the W3 Consortium which coordinates W3 development worldwide, with teams at MIT and at INRIA in
France. The consortium takes as it goal to

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The Internet And World Wide Web

Over the past decade, the use of internet and world wide web has become very common. It is now easily accessible on mobile devices and smart phones, where people can get to the internet on the go. Many people believe that the internet and world wide web are both the same. This however, is not true.

The internet came into being in the 60’s when the armed forces looked for a way to transfer important data among themselves. This newly discovered system for data transfer was so efficient and secure that it grew rapidly and soon became the most popular source of information around the globe. In today’s world the internet has grew to billions of computers and networks in the whole wide world. The networks are interlinked via high speed fibers called the optical fibers-in easier words referred to as communication lines. In the beginning the computers used slow speed connections and landline phone dial up connections. Coming to the world wide web commonly known as “WWW”. It is a part of the internet, more precisely a program that runs on the internet. To put it in simple words the internet can run without the web, but the web cannot run without the internet. The web consists of complex documents that are compiled using a special language called protocol. Using the protocol one can access millions of web pages and documents by merely a single click. The documents comprise of text, sounds, movies, videos and colors etc. The web is the most important part of the internet, it is where all the data is stored and you can discover a whole new world if you browse through the web. To be able to understand the function of internet, you first need to know that it is basically the hardware that connects all the web running computers. It has special high speed computers whose sole aim is to transfer data at high speed efficiently. The WWW is the information that is available on the internet in form of web pages.

The internet and the world wide web are two different things. The world wide web is essentially a part of the internet where one can interact and communicate in a diversified manner by the use of text, images, animations, colors and sounds. The web needs a connection to the internet, a personal computer, routers and switches, and a hosting server to be able to run.

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