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Case Study 3 Plus

Case Study: Sucra Plus

Speed to market

Foxpak’s capabilities in both digital flexible packaging and gravure printing assisted one of our clients in achieving a quick route to market for their new product range.

Utilising our digital short run facility, Foxpak produced 15 new designs in less than 21 days thus allowing our client to enter the market quickly.

The advantage of using digital printing for the launch quantities ensured that launch dates were achieved, there are no origination costs and this allowed for those final “tweaks” to the artwork files. Once the artworks were approved, we quickly produced the launch quantities while working on the cylinder making and production of the full production orders.

Weight Reduction

Foxpak liaises closely with our clients in assisting them to achieve costs and packaging waste reduction targets. Here we assisted a client move from a glass jar by producing initially just one sample pouch for the client to present in the market.

Gravure Printing

The client received a good reaction, so we produced 10,000 pouches digitally. After the success of this trial, the pouch was produced using gravure printing to achieve a competitive costs.

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Project Description

Case Study #4: Version Upgrades for $B+ Companies.


Xylem and ITT have been long-standing customers of Eccellent Solutions for several years, taking advantage of our “Modified Tier 2 services”, which include scheduled software upgrades. Both clients were in need of a regular upgrade to their software, but didn’t want to work with VARs due to what the clients considered excessive charges for the effort.


Both clients were able to upgrade their systems and take advantage of critical new productivity enhancements associated with the new sofware versions.

In addition to that, neither client incurred additional expense for the upgrades over and above their existing subscription rates.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Application Support
Business Economics
Proactive Support
Requirements Gathering
Software Upgrade
System Administration

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