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A Case Study On The Financial Management Of A Public Limited Company

  • Connecting up Belfast

    Case Study

    5 Dec 17

    Strong governance gave Belfast City Council both agility and assurance in a project to bring in high-speed broadband. Emily Twinch reports.

  • PF Award winner: Derby Homes

    Case Study

    1 Nov 17

    Derby Homes recruited a theatre company and local young people to shine a spotlight on its achievements instead of its usual report

  • PF Award winner: Cheshire East Council and Transport Service Solutions

    Case Study

    2 Oct 17

    Cheshire East set up a bus company as cuts and outsourcing would not secure the future of services. The model meant it could take over immediately when a transport provider closed. 

  • PF Award winner: South West Audit Partnership

    Case Study

    2 Oct 17

    Swap provides ‘health checks’ to give managers an insight into strong and weaker areas of essential corporate functions and tackle the problem of assurance fatigue

  • PF Award winner: Plymouth City Council and the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG

    Case Study

    28 Aug 17

    Plymouth Council and the local CCG have integrated their finances, despite covering different areas, not being able pool all their funds and having different accounting systems 

  • PF Award winner: Health & Safety Executive

    Case Study

    28 Aug 17

    The HSE’s award-winning business intelligence team freed up staff time by reorganising its information and providing it in the form of accessible, standardised reports

  • PF Award winner: Finance Skills Development Group

    Case Study

    3 Jul 17

    Public finance careers are being promoted through a secondment and training scheme led voluntarily by public bodies in Wales

  • PF Award winner: Lee Hamill, University of Edinburgh

    Case Study

    26 Jun 17

    Lee Hamill, Public Finance newcomer of the year, oversaw a significant redesign of the accounts at Edinburgh University – and drew on his Olympic and Paralympic experience to bring in change

  • PF Award winner: Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership

    Case Study

    25 May 17

    A project that brings offenders and their victims face to face is achieving success in more than financial or reoffending terms

  • PF Award winner: City of London Corporation

    Case Study

    24 May 17

    Changing procurement led to a deal that is good for people, animals, the environment – and a local authority’s finances 

  • Magnificent Sevenoaks

    Case Study

    3 May 17

    Sevenoaks, overall winner at the Public Finance Innovation Awards, is the first district council to become financially self‑sufficient. How did it do this?

  • Health and social care: integrated lives

    Case Study

    25 Nov 16

    Personalised support helps people to live independently and keep their tenancies. Housing provider Midland Heart works with others to provide specialist assistance to various groups, including...

  • How a US city benefits from a close look at its finances

    Case Study

    29 Sep 16

    Any organisation can find opportunities for improvement if it looks for them. Redmond adopted CIPFA’s Financial Management Model to test how well it was doing in various areas and plan improvements...

  • Pooling pioneers: health and care integration in Plymouth

    Case Study

    23 Jun 16

    Plymouth council and the local CCG have set up an integrated finance system for wellbeing, covering a large range of services. This was no mean feat given they cover different areas, have different...

  • Dual benefits for Burnley

    Case Study

    25 Feb 16

    Faced with some stark financial pressures, Burnley Council set up a strategic partnership with Liberata. This will provide opportunities to save money, secure growth and allow staff to assist other...

  • The step-by-step approach to establishing a council trading company

    Case Study

    22 Oct 15

    Shropshire Council has taken a staggered approach to transferring services to its trading company, IP&E

  • Creating better business cases

    Case Study

    19 Oct 15

    A strong business case will help you make the right decisions with limited resources. Gill Barron sets out how to create one

  • How to strengthen your resilience

    Case Study

    30 Sep 15

    The ability to bounce back from failure can be learned, suggests Alex Davda. Make the most of existing strengths and master new skills to thrive in difficult situations

  • Setting up Buckinghamshire Care, a local authority trading company

    Case Study

    16 Sep 15

    Buckinghamshire County Council set up a wholly owned company in 2013 to help it cut the cost of care provision while creating new revenue opportunities

  • The service integrator approach to aligning public services (sponsored video)

    Case Study

    22 Jul 15

    KBR discusses its service integrator approach to managing services for customers including the Metropolitan Police Service

  • Back office transformation: from overheads to force multipliers

    Case Study

    14 Jul 15

    A workshop at the recent CIPFA Conference focused on transforming head office functions into efficient services supporting front-line priorities

  • How to keep your team on track

    Case Study

    23 Jun 15

    Andrew Day on the challenges for managers in preventing or overcoming a ‘derailment’ in your department

  • The road to the code

    Case Study

    22 May 15

    The biggest changes in local authority accounting rules for 2016/17 are to the main financial statements and measuring transport infrastructure assets

  • How to create an anti-fraud culture

    Case Study

    5 May 15

    When it comes to countering fraud and other harmful, high-risk behaviours, such as corruption, money laundering, asset misappropriation and cyber-crime, organisations need to ensure their staff have...

  • NHS Future-Focused Finance: a shared vision

    Case Study

    4 May 15

    The Future-Focused Finance initiative aims to foster a culture change in NHS finance

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