Fitness Trainer Cover Letters

Personal Trainer Cover Letter

Your personal trainer cover letter should be written in an appealing manner, as it is your first interaction with the employer. You should include your details such as your name, address for correspondence, and contact details in your cover letter. At the same time, you should also mention the name of the person to whom you are addressing your letter. Three short paragraphs in the main body of your letter emphasizing on your credentials and showing your interest in the position you are applying for is also essential in your cover letter.

Personal Trainer Job Description

A personal trainer provides diet as well as physical exercise assistance for the personal fitness of people. There is no such degree to get qualified as a personal trainer; you just need to have a high school diploma with a certification course in personal training. Many universities offer a course in personal training. If you wish to take up a career as a personal trainer, you have to pass this certification exam. Eligibility for these certification courses is a high school diploma and 18 years of age.

The below cover letters are drafted considering the job profile of a personal trainer to help you write an impressive letter for yourself.

Sample Cover Letter for Personal Trainer (1)

Ron Carter
62 Mellon Street
Massachusetts - 63990
United States
Phone number: 748-436-6378
Online correspondence:

Date: August 9, 2011

Even Brown
Sr. Personal Trainer
Amazing Fitness Club
Massachusetts - 63992
United States

Subject: Application for the position of personal trainer
Reference: Health and Wellness Magazine dated August 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Even,

It gives me a great pleasure to write to your regarding the position of personal trainer for weekend batches for your health club. I am enthusiastic about seeking a position of personal trainer and providing personal assistance for fitness.

I am a dietician by profession and would also like to conduct training sessions on weekend for the members of your club and give them tips on healthy diet. I have also passed certification course of professional trainer from your organization in February 2011. I can also provide suggestions on exercises to improve and solve health related issues of people. I can work whole day on weekends, if necessary, I can also conduct extra sessions on weekdays.

My experience of 3 years as a dietician will surely help in benefiting people and your organization. If you believe that my skills and knowledge can make a difference for your organization then please call me or mail me.

Looking forward to have a meeting and discussion with you regarding this position. Thank you for your kindness and endurance.

Warm regards,
Ron Carter

Sample Cover Letter for Personal Trainer (2)

Kelly Martin
53 Core Street
Sunshine Cottage
CA - 36839
E-mail correspondence:
Phone no.: 738-526-2678

Date: August 9, 2011

Noha Gray
HR Manager
Wellness Hospital
CA - 36839

Dear Noha,

Knowing that your hospital is recruiting knowledgeable and talented individuals for the position of personal trainers for the department of physiotherapy, I am sending my application seeking an opportunity in your hospital. My profile matches your requirements given in the

I have completed bachelor's degree in science (nutrition) with diploma certification course in physical training. To review my profile in detail, please refer my resume enclosed with this letter.

I would like to entertain a personal discussion with you to have a clear picture of your requirements and my job responsibilities. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours, Kelly Martin

Degree certificates
Copy of certification as a personal trainer

You can also take help of the job description given above for writing your personal trainer cover letter to boost your career.

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Fitness Instructor Cover Letter

A fitness instructor is someone who will give one-to-one guidance to every individual for achieving the optimum fitness goal. A fitness instructor usually worked in health or fitness clubs, spas or gyms. Due to the growing awareness of fitness and health, a fitness instructor these days has huge opportunities and duties to perform.

The main goal of a fitness instructor is motivating people; love all kinds of physical activities, excellent communication skills, etc. There are no specific educational requirements for a fitness instructor as it can vary. Some of the well-known fitness centers would prefer people with an educational background in physical education. Therefore, some of the fitness instructors opt for a certificate course in exercise selection, fitness assessment, or program planning. These certification courses are taken by the health centers with a set of written and oral examination.

A good fitness instructor needs to be aware of every basic nutrient that is needed for the body. He/she needs to have a good knowledge about the equipments used in the gym like elliptical trainer, treadmills, etc. Lastly, knowing CPR can be an added advantage for a fitness instructor. A fitness instructor needs to give personal guidance to each client for attaining maximum fitness goal.

The first thing that a fitness instructor will have to do after being approached by the client is analyzing and testing the physical condition. Then they will have to come up with a fitness plan and track the daily progress of the client. All these skills will be of no use if you are not noticed and to get yourself noticed you will have to write an impressive cover letter. You will have to draft your cover letter in such a manner that it makes you stand out from all the other applicants.

If you are confused on how to write a fitness instructor cover letter, then refer to sample written below.

Sample Fitness Instructor Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Troy Palmer
384 Wellington Street
Beverly Hills, CA94857
Mobile: 836-284-2894
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Randall Ray
Gold Gym
Beverly Hills, CA93852

Date: July 11, 2011

Dear Mr. Ray,

I would request you to accept my application for the position of Fitness Instructor as advertised on your fitness center's website. I think that my extensive background, qualifications, and a grounded passion in fitness, exercise, and training will make me the best candidate for this job.

I am looking forward to join Gold Gym, a company that has had an excellent reputation in all the sections of health management and well-known for giving good opportunities to young aspiring trainers. As far as the qualifications are concerned, I have a Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science from California University. Also, I have many first aid certificates and have successfully completed the remedial/sport massage courses along with management training.

My expertise lies in the area of muscle testing, fitness assessment and one-on-one fitness training sessions. I have sound experience in Swedish, remedial and sports massages and I am aware of all the facets of OH&S.

As a lifestyle and health instructor at Optimum Health, I use my well-honed group fitness skills and undertook different educational seminars and awareness programs. From time-to-time I have also organized fitness competitions for corporate groups. I have worked with Novotel Hotels before that, where I was a personal instructor and had a vast range of clientele and helped with the fitness services of the hotel as well.

My work experience has given me enough opportunities in the broad spectrum of all physical demands and different roles inside the fitness environment. My experience has also taught me excellent organizational and time management skills. I am compassionate, outgoing and organized and will be able to motivate people with my enthusiasm and energy. I enjoy the company of my clients and colleagues and will prove to be an outstanding member in the team.

Troy Palmer
Your Signature

Make sure you check grammatical mistakes before sending the cover letter. Good luck!

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