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Wjec Catering Task 1 Evaluation Essay

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1 GCSE Catering: Task 1 Example of coursework
GCSE Catering Coursework Task 1LRB 2012

2 Planning (10 marks) Total 5 A4 Pages
Introduction - introduce task (1/4 page)Research - What is Afternoon Tea? (1 3/4 pages)Menu Choices - List and justification (1 page)Time plan - Plan of practical work (1 1/2 pages)Shopping list - In a table (1/4 page)Equipment list - In a table (1/4 page)Total 5 A4 Pages

3 Carrying out the task (20 marks)
Marked on:Chosen equipment (evidence equipment list)Ability to demonstrate a range of skills and processes (evidence justification and time plan)Logical sequence (time plan)Completed within allotted time (evaluation)Good outcomes (images and evaluation)Excellent presentation (images and evaluation)This will be evidenced by 1 page of images and 1-2 pages of evaluation.

4 Evaluation should be between 1 and 2 A4 pages
Evaluation (10 marks)Suitability of dishes chosenManagement of timeCustomer acceptabilitySize and portion controlChanges I would make and why?Costing (refer to but attach main costings in appendix)Evaluation should be between 1 and 2 A4 pages


Pupils will learn in detail about the catering industry. This will include:

Job roles

  • Health and safety

  • Food preparation

  • Methods of cooking

  • Culinary terms

  • Nutrition

  • Costing and portion control

  • Special diets

  • Food packaging

Year 11 pupils will be required to complete two controlled assessment tasks and one exam. The exam will test their knowledge and understanding of the catering industry.

The controlled assessment tasks will be completed in school and will involve the use of ICT when carrying out research.

For the first controlled assessment task pupils will be required to research dairy products. They will then need to write up a report based on a wide variety of dairy products.

For the second controlled assessment task pupils will be required to select a country of their choice and design a two course meal based on traditional food from that country. Pupils will then make the dishes and carry out a detailed evaluation.


UNIT 1: 60%

Catering skills related to food preparation and service 

Controlled Task 120 marks 

Two practical tasks selected from a bank of six WJEC set tasks.

Internally assessed using WJEC set criteria and externally moderated. 

45 hours in total. 

UNIT 2: 40%

Catering, food and the customer 

Written Paper 1 ¼ hours 80 marks

One paper which will be externally set and marked. All questions compulsory and targeted at the full range of GCSE grades. The paper will contain short-answer, structured and free response questions drawn from the catering content. 

Candidates will be required to demonstrate their ability to: 

  • AO1 Recall, select and communicate their knowledge and understanding of a range of contexts. 

  • AO2 Apply skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of contexts and in planning and carrying out investigations and tasks.

  • AO3 Analyse and evaluate information, sources and evidence, make reasoned judgements and present conclusions. 

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