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English Sample Essay Pt3 Robber

Last Thrusday , when I was on my way home from my sports practice , I encountered an incident which I would never forget . It was a very hot day . The sweat broke out all over my body and trickled down my back.Out of the blue , I heard a loud scream . Then , I saw an old lady trying to chase after two men on a motorbike.

A snatch theft happened in front of my eyes.There was an old lady who was holding a handbag walk by the roadside.All of sudden , a motorbike passed beside the lady quickly.There were two men who wore the helmets ride on the motorbike.The rear-seat robber put his hand out and snatched the old lady’s handbag.

Then , the two man sped off thier motorbike as fast as lightning.The old lady fall down on the road.She shouted and yield for help.She hopped someone could help her.She dumbfounded and speechless after the snatch theft because she was very panic and she trembling.After that, a kind man picked up the old lady and helped her to call the police.

In my opinion , we should sling our bag over the shoulder to avoid the plunder bandits have the opportunity to snatch.Besides , do not walk alone especially the remote street at night.This is because the plunder bandits are easy to snatch.Moreover , do not carry expensive items in handbag.This is because we will not lose our valuable and important things. Last but not least , we can use a purse instead of handbag.Purse can put in our pockets and the plunder bandits cannot snatch the purse easily.To put it in a nutshell , we must be careful when walking by the roadside anytime.

A robbery I witnessed

Talk about a robbery you witnessed

It happened on one Saturday evening. My mother and I went shopping to buy a gift for my father. After much thought my mother decided to buy a gold ring.

We went to a goldsmith’s shop. The Sales Assistant showed us a lot of gold rings in various designs. My mother was enchanted by a ring with a sparkling diamond on it. As we were admiring the ring, four men wearing ski-mask rushed into the shop. They ordered all the people to stand up against the wall with their hands raised above their heads. The four robbers were armed with guns. They were dressed in black and wore gloves on both hands. One of the men placed a brief case on the counter and ordered one of the Sales Assistants to empty the trays of jewelries into the briefcase. The Sales Assistant was shaking with fear, and quickly started to do what he was ordered to do.

I notice that the burglar alarm was not far from where I was standing. I slowly moved towards the alarm, and tried to reach it without being noticed. After much difficulty I managed to get close to the alarm. I cautiously lifted my right leg and pressed the button. The alarm started to ring loudly. The robbers panicked, they grabbed the briefcase and rushed to a waiting car and drove away. I rushed out of the shop to see the number of the car. I quickly memorized the number of the getaway car.

A few minutes later the police arrived. I told them the number of the robbers’ car. They immediately informed headquarters to put up road blocks. They questioned us before letting us go. Photographers took photos of the scene of the robbery.

Next day my father read in the papers that the robbers were caught and the stolen goods recovered.

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